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Rutgers Secret Society Declares War On Michigan Before N.J. Satellite Camp

Tonight, Michigan will host a satellite camp at Paramus Catholic in New Jersey. The ties between the Wolverines and the PC program are strong. UM has signed several of Paramus Catholic's star players over the last few years, and Jim Harbaugh is giving a commencement speech at the school this month. 

Michigan's relationship with Paramus Catholic has irked many Rutgers fans, who are tired to seeing teams like the Wolverines poach New Jersey recruits. New RU head coach Chris Ash responded to UM's camp by scheduling one of his own tonight, with Temple and Ohio State co-hosting, but a group claiming unofficial ties to Rutgers apparently tried to take matters into its own hands.

The group, known as the Order of the Bull's Blood, is Rutgers' oldest and most secret society, according to Late last night, they covered midfield at Paramus Catholic with a slew of Rutgers magnets and a teddy bear, and sent photographic evidence to in an e-mail, along with this letter, which is making the rounds on social media. 

">June 8, 2016

If you're wondering why that letter reads so poorly, take the first letter of each line and see what it spells out. Hint: it's not exactly SFW. 

According to the report, Paramus Catholic president James Vail is taking the matter "seriously" and has deemed the series of acts vandalism. 

"While some may perceive this as a silly prank, in today's world it is inadvisable for people to trespass on a school campus for any reason,'' Vail said. "So the police are looking into it and it's considered an active investigation.''

At the end of the day this probably shouldn't turn into much from a legal standpoint. The act of dumping some magnets and a stuffed animal on the field is pretty harmless. Dumb, maybe, but overall harmless.

Rutgers and Michigan have split the first two games in their Big Ten series, but with the Wolverines winning by blowout last year and Harbaugh recruiting at a high level, it looks like there won't be much of a rivalry over the next couple of seasons. Too bad, because there's potential for it to be a pretty fun one.