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The Source Of The 'Georgia Tech To The Big Ten' Report Has Deleted His Tweet

It never ends.

This morning, Clemson 247's Tim Matty reported that Georgia Tech had been approved by the Big Ten to become the conference's 15th member. However, with no official word from either the school or the conference, news outlets have been hesitant to report the potential move.

After initial backlash about the legitimacy of his report, Matty sent out numerous tweets to try to explain that the situation was not a done deal, and that it was "worth watching".

Now, Matty has deleted the original tweetreporting the league's approval of the Yellow Jackets. That certainly doesn't mean that he was incorrect and that this isn't potentially happening, but it calls into question the validity of his tweet. If he'd been 100% sure of the situation, he'd never have taken it down.

We'll keep you updated as we learn more.