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Which Big Ten Schools Pull The Most Revenue?

The order of the top 5 may surprise you.
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In a tweet this morning, (@CoachesBTN) posted a report on NCAA schools' football revenues from the 2010 fiscal year. According to the report, Texas generated the highest revenue among NCAA schools, with an annual revenue of over $95 million. Louisiana Monroe was reportedly the lowest, generating just under $3 million.

Here's a look at how the Big Ten conference faired. Keep in mind, the numbers represent revenue, not profit.

1. Penn State-- $72,747,734 (so according to this number, the NCAA was a little off by fining them $60 million)

2. Michigan-- $70,300,676

3. Ohio State-- $60,837,342

4. Michigan State-- $45,040,778

5. Iowa (surprised?) -- $44,506,832