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Big Ten Fans Are Pretty Upset With The NCAA Selection Committee

The NCAA selection committee revealed its top 16 college basketball teams in the nation, and the entire Big Ten conference was absent.

The NCAA selection committee released its 16-team bracket today, with Villanova occupying the No. 1 overall seed. Not a huge shock. What was a shock, though, was the fact that not a single Big Ten team made the top 16. It's been a down year for Big Ten basketball, sure, but not a single team?

Wisconsin is currently the No. 7 ranked team in the nation. Purdue is No. 16 and Maryland is No. 21.

B1G fans, specifically Wisconsin fans, were understandably pretty mad:

And finally, there's this:

That's a good question, Jon. The committee apparently doesn't think so.

The rankings obviously aren't final, and there's plenty of time for Wisconsin, Purdue and Maryland to move up, but the committee has made it quite clear what they think of the conference this year.