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Bo Ryan Retiring? Rumors Swirl Regarding Wisconsin Head Coach

Update: It looks like the rumors weren't far off. Ryan has issued a statement on his future - you can read it here.

Earlier: Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan came oh-so-close to taking home his first NCAA Tournament title this past season, as his Badgers reached the championship game before falling to Duke in a classic. Now, some are saying that Ryan may have coached his final contest. There are rumors swirling on message boards and social media that Ryan, who is now 67 years old, will retire before the season starts.

Jordan Schultz of Huffington Post/Bleacher Report took to Twitter early Monday morning to somewhat dispel the rumor. He's been told that an unnamed ACC coach created the rumor, possibly to create an argument as to why recruits shouldn't sign up to play for Wisconsin. If so, it's a bit of a dirty move.

">June 29, 2015

Ryan has been a head coach since 1984, and he's won four national championships - all at D-III Wisconsin-Platteville. While it doesn't look like that he'll retire this year, if he does, he'll go down as one of the best college basketball coaches of his era.