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Colin Cowherd Admits He Was Wrong About Wisconsin Head Coach Paul Chryst

Colin Cowherd trashes Notre Dame.

Wisconsin's win over Michigan today apparently changed Colin Cowherd's mind about head coach Paul Chryst.

After a defensive first half that left the score at 7-7, Wisconsin cruised in the second half to get the win over Michigan today, 24-10.

The victory puts the Badgers at 11-0 on the season, making it the second straight season that Wisconsin will win at least 11 games, and it's only Paul Chryst's third season at the helm (his first season they went 10-3).

At the time of the hire in 2015, Chryst was seen by many analysts as an underwhelming candidate to take over the program, but his tenure has been nothing but stellar—Wisconsin is 3-1 in bowl games and has won the Big Ten west three seasons in a row if you include this year.

So today, Colin Cowherd today finally decided that now was the time to eat crow and admit he was "clearly wrong" about Chryst.

Check it out:

And there you have it: Colin Cowherd is officially on the Paul Chryst train.