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Danny Kanell Thinks Wisconsin Is A Lock If It Wins Out

Danny Kanell talking about the SEC on ESPN.


Danny Kanell has a strong opinion on the College Football Playoff.

Wisconsin hasn't played a difficult schedule this season thus far, and the College Football Playoff committee seems not to be sold on the Badgers thus far. Despite a 9-0 record in the Big Ten, Wisconsin is ranked No. 8 in the College Football Playoff rankings - four spots from qualifying for the event.

Danny Kanell, however, doesn't believe the committee will be able to keep the Badgers out, so long as they win out. Kanell says talk of keeping an undefeated Wisconsin team out is "asisine" - adding that anyone who thinks they'd be out with a 13-0 record shouldn't be allowed to talk college football.

Kanell says Wisconsin is in if it wins out - period.

Kanell is probably right - mostly because in order for Wisconsin to finish 13-0, it will need to beat the Big Ten East champion in the league's title game.