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Ex-Wisconsin Captain Zach Bohannon Endorses Greg Gard In Political Style Op-Ed

Former Wisconsin basketball captain Zach Bohannon has shared a selfie with an Abraham Lincoln statue and another with former president George W. Bush on his Twitter profile. Perhaps that makes it fitting that Bohannon went public today with an endorsement of Badgers' interim head coach Greg Gard for the permanent position.

A longtime assistant under Bo Ryan, Gard took over when Ryan retired early in the season. He has a tremendous amount of support from the Wisconsin program and fan base and has led the Badgers to an 18-10 record in a year of transition. 

In an guest op-ed for, Bohannon made a lengthy case for Gard's elevation to permanent status, citing his own experiences and including quotes from former stars Frank Kaminsky and Josh Gasser.

You can read the full piece from Bohannon here, but we provided some clips below. 

The University of Wisconsin’s interim basketball coach has put in the work and defied the odds. He’s been underestimated throughout his life, yet he continues to rise.

The UW Athletic Department should name Gard as its head coach.


For these reasons, it is time to keep the next hire in the Badgers family and continue the proud tradition of Wisconsin athletics built by legendary football coach and current athletic director Barry Alvarez and former athletic director and star athlete Pat Richter.

Gard is the guy. He knows Wisconsin basketball, and there is no reason to look elsewhere. I understand UW has to post the job opening. That is fair, and everyone deserves a shot. But I will promise you this: Coach Gard will have the best career of any candidate out there. And he will stay at UW until he retires. Just like Gasser and recently hired football coach Paul Chryst, he bleeds the red and white.

Pretty straightforward and strong stuff from Bohannon. It seems like Gard is the odds-on favorite for the job, and this should only elevate his standing.