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Update: Wisconsin's Joel Stave Has The "Yips"

Update: Well, we've got an answer of what's been ailing Stave, but we're not sure if it's what Wisconsin fans want to hear. Stave is supposedly suffering from the "yips", which is a loss of motor skills with no explanation. Here's what he had to say about it when asked:

"Maybe on some level," he said. "I've heard of that, too. The yips, a golfer who can't hit it straight and stuff like that. I know I can throw the ball. That's something that since I've been a kid, not even just football, I've been good at throwing things. I could throw a baseball. Give me a volleyball, I can chuck it across a gym."

If you remember, former New York Yankees second baseman Chuck Knoblauch had this issue - at some point he just randomly started having trouble throwing the ball to first base on routine plays. Head over to Fox Sports for more on the story.

Earlier: Over the weekend, there was a ton of confusion over Melvin Gordon's lack of touches in the second half. Head coach Gary Andersen and Gordon seemed to be out of sync in terms of the issue, and now it looks like Andersen is having similar communication breakdowns when it comes to quarterback Joel Stave. 

Previously, Andersen had said that Stave would be shut down due to a shoulder issue. Now, according to both the coach and the quarterback, there is no "injury" (at least by the strict definition of the word), Stave isn't ready to play, for reasons that remain unclear. Andersen and Stave both spoke to reporters to attempt to clarify the situation, according to Wisconsin blog Bucky's 5th Quarter:

"In practice, Joel is at practice, he's at meetings, he's in all scenarios as far as that stuff goes," Andersen said. "As far as game prepping at this point, that's where Joel is not with us completely 100 percent all the time. He's at practice all the time; I don't want anybody to say he's not practicing, he's not with us, because that's not the case. When Joel feels that he can do that, Joel will be right back in that process."

Andersen went on to say that "injured" was not the right word to describe Stave's situation. Stave shared similar sentiments, although his quotes probably won't make Wisconsin fans any less confused or concerned.

"I'm not hurt," Stave said. "Structurally, everything's good in my shoulder. I'm throwing the ball after practice, and everything like that, just fine. "Right now, my arm is just not working the way I'd like it to, I guess. I don't know what it is."

With a better quarterback performance than Tanner McEvoy's 8-for-24, 50 yards, and two interceptions line, Wisconsin likely scores a big win over LSU. Stave was a solid starter last season for Andersen's team, so for Wisconsin's sake, hopefully he can figure out whatever it is that is keeping him off the field.

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