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Here's Video Of The Bizarre Altercation Between Wisconsin And Minnesota Involving Paul Bunyan's Axe

"It's f***ing tradition!"

Wisconsin and Minnesota spent 60 minutes slugging it out on the football field earlier this afternoon. But the battle apparently didn't end when the final buzzer sounded.

The Badgers and Golden Gophers play for a trophy known as Paul Bunyan's Axe, and yes, the trophy is literally a gigantic axe. It's tradition for the winner to parade around with the axe and eventually pretend "chop" the goal posts down after the game - you know, because Paul Bunyan was a lumberjack. Right after the Badgers' 20-7 victory, the team ran to one of the end zones to carry on the tradition. But when the players made their way to the other end zone, they found the Golden Gophers waiting. There have been conflicting reports as to why - some are saying that Minnesota was putting its foot down on the excessive celebration, while others claim that the team just wasn't finished singing its alma mater. posted video of the affair, which turns a bit NSFW towards the end. You can hear one of Wisconsin's coaches saying "it's f***ing tradition."

I'm sure that more will come out regarding exactly what happened, but either way, you can definitely see that there was an altercation between the two teams. You can be sure that the Gophers will be even more fired up than usual in 2014.