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Marquette G Duane Wilson Criticizes Wisconsin's Nigel Hayes: "It's A Shame People Do These Stunts For Social Media"

Marquette guard Duane Wilson was seemingly not a fan of Wisconsin forward Nigel Hayes' appearance on ESPN's College GameDay last weekend.

Hayes, of course, showed up at GameDay in Madison on Saturday holding a sign calling himself a "broke" college athlete. Hayes has been an outspoken proponent of the NCAA paying athletes, but Duane Wilson wasn't buying his form of protest.

Last night, Wilson took to Twitter to criticize Hayes for his stance, implying that it was a social media stunt.

Is Wilson right that Hayes was doing this for self-promotion on social media? That seems a bit short-sighted, as the Wisconsin senior has spoken up on this topic before using other forums.

However, it is interesting seeing a major college athlete expressing the opposing viewpoint here. Many Division I athletes have been clamoring for further compensation from the NCAA, but Wilson seems content with what he has already been given.

Perhaps these two can debate their stances when Marquette and Wisconsin meet on Dec. 10 in Milwaukee.

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