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NFL Combine To Have Its First Female Participant Ever This Year In Former Wisconsin Soccer Player

A story to keep an eye on.

Could the NFL have its first ever female player on its hands soon? It will if Lauren Silberman has anything to do with it.

Silberman was a former soccer player for the Wisconsin Badgers in Madison, WI, and recently was found kicking field goals at an exhibition event. After displaying great consistency and leg strength, some of her friends encouraged her to try out for the NFL.

Silberman describes playing in the NFL as a "life-long dream", and despite no experience playing football at any level, believes that her soccer background has her prepared to take her shot. She was invited to the NFL's Super Regional Combine in Dallas next month for a chance to show off her skills with the rest of the kicking competition.

Maybe Lauren should give Mo Isom a call -- the awesome LSU women's soccer player who tried out for Les Miles' Tigers last season.