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Ohio State vs. Wisconsin Was Delayed Because They Broke The Field

End zone turf rips during Big Ten championship.


Ohio State and Wisconsin are getting so physical that they're tearing the field turf right off the ground.

The Badgers just punched in a crucial touchdown in very Big Ten fashion, with running back Chris James going over the top for a goal line touchdown.

The stand at the goal line was extremely physical, with James extending over the top of the pile to get over the goal line. Ohio State and Wisconsin's fronts dug in so hard that they actually pulled the field turf off of the ground.

I've never seen anything like this.

The game is now in delay as they work to fix the turf, which is a whole process due to the rubber pellets that are used, and the fact that the seam in the turf is exposed.

This whole scene was pretty absurd. After a few minutes, the operations crew got things in order, and Wisconsin converted the ensuing two-point conversion to cut Ohio State's lead to 24-21.