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Photo: This Wisconsin Student Put "Roll Tide" On His Graduation Cap

If you attend a college graduation anywhere in America, you're likely to see students do some creative things with their graduation caps, as decorating your mortarboard is a way for a student to honor something close to their heart. At the University of Wisconsin's graduation on May 17, one student chose to honor a college football team on his mortarboard. However, his mortarboard didn't say "On Wisconsin," nor did it feature a caricature of Bucky Badger. Instead, his mortarboard features Alabama's rallying cry, Roll Tide.

Can't see it? Just zoom in a little closer to the group of students gathered at the bottom of the picture.

Alabama and Wisconsin will meet on the football field to kick off the 2015 season. There's no word who this guy plans on cheering for, although we're willing to bet it'll be the Crimson Tide.

(Photo Credit: Randal Ray and Brenda Coleman, via 247 Sports)