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Running Back Corey Clement On Badgers-Huskers Rivalry: "Nebraska Is A Flip Phone, Wisconsin Is An iPhone"

You never quite know what kind of quotes you'll get out of media days. While some coaches and players are very reserved, others aren't shy with the media, and are willing to take a swing or two at their rivals in the process. Put Wisconsin running back Corey Clement in the Steve Spurrier/Mike Leach/Cardale Jones category. During today's Big Ten media day, Clement used an extended cell phone metaphor to compare his Badgers to Big Ten West rival Nebraska. Warning, Husker fans: it was pretty mean.

"It's like, you've got an iPhone. Then you got a flip phone. You see all these great features the iPhone can do, and then you look at the flip phone, which phone are you going to go with? I'm going with the iPhone. That's how I compare Wisconsin to Nebraska. Nebraska is a flip phone (laughs with reporters), and Wisconsin is an iPhone.

So, I mean, I'm like, mom, I want to go the Apple store. I don't want to go to the Sprint store. So, who wouldn't want to go with what is best at that moment?"

Nebraska's been a solid program for a while, but when it comes to last year's game against the Badgers, they were outclassed. Wisconsin won the contest 59-24, behind 581 rushing yards. Melvin Gordon led the way with 408 yards and four touchdowns, while Clement got five touches for 22 yards and a score.