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Video: Gary Andersen Rewards Walk-On Nick Hill With Scholarship In Front Of Whole Badgers Team

He's earned it.

Walk-ons are a huge part of every college football program. They often have a pretty thankless job -- they attend workouts, meetings, and practices like every scholarship player, but have to pay their own way and do it for the love of the game.

The dream of every walk-on is eventually earning a scholarship -- with a ton of hard work and a little luck, many originally unheralded players earn that elusive golden ticket and get to phone home to their parents saying that they'll save them a whole bunch of money -- Nick Hill of Wisconsin was one of those guys earlier this week.

Badgers head coach Gary Andersen surprised Hill with the news at a team meeting -- check it out, beginning around the 2:50 mark:

"Do you have a Twitter? Do you have a Facebook? Put it on Facebook tonight -- you're now on scholarship."