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Video: Here's The Controversial Final Play Of Wisconsin vs. Arizona State


Wisconsin fans who stayed up late to watch their Badgers take on Arizona State might be regretting their decision this morning. In what has to be one of the weirdest endings to a college football game in recent memory, the Sun Devils held off Wisconsin, 32-30, after the Badgers couldn't get a potential game-winning field goal attempt off.

Joel Stave tried to center the ball on the field to make it easier for his kicker, Kyle French. Somehow, it was the last play of the game.

So what technically happened here? Stave took a knee and placed the ball on the field, causing Arizona State's players to act like it was a fumble. The clock kept running, as it should have, but the referees, clearly confused, didn't re-spot the ball until there was two seconds left. Wisconsin's players, more concerned with arguing about whether it was a fumble, showed no urgency in getting off a play to spike the ball.

As crazy as that all seems, unless the Badgers had spiked the ball with three seconds or more to go, they'd have lost anyway due to a new rule put in place this year. Spiking the ball with two seconds or less actually ends the game, with no chance for one final play.