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Video: Wisconsin Football Team Partners With Make-A-Wish To Give Back To Young Fan

Great stuff.

The Wisconsin Badgers football team works hard, both on and off the field.

Recently, the Badgers paired up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to support a young fan who is dealing with Histiocytosis X, a rare disease that involves abnormal cells in one's bone marrow.

Darien Moran is a 14-year-old boy, who, due to his illness, spends a lot of his time in his room recovering. He is a fan of the Wisconsin Badgers, and the football team decided to help him out in several ways. Head coach Gary Andersen gave Darien a tour of Camp Randall Stadium, where he got to meet many of the players as well. While Andersen was giving the tour, other players were helping to give Darien's room a makeover, building bookshelves and stocking the room with "all of the electronics a boy could wish for." The team also invited Moran to a practice in August.

Wisconsin Athletics released a really cool video detailing the whole experience, which you can check out below: