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Video: Wisconsin's Gary Andersen Uses Trivia Game To Surprise Walk-On With A Scholarship

While they don't always get talked about, college football walk-ons are absolutely vital to a program's success. While they may rarely, if ever, see the field, their contributions in practice are key, and teams with good walk-on programs have the benefit of added depth that others don't. When a coach is able to put a hard-working walk-on on scholarship, it is always a great moment. Wisconsin coach Gary Andersen used a cool device to surprise sophomore long snapper Connor Udelhoven with a full-ride. 

At the end of a team meeting, Andersen said that the team was going to play a trivia game about the program and their teammates, with the prize of a Wisconsin bucket hat on the line. Clearly, Udelhoven got much more than that. Andersen asked the sophomore how many walk-ons had been given scholarships while Andersen's staff has been on campus. Udelhoven, or "Udee" as the team calls him, gets it wrong, answering "six." Andersen corrects him saying that the answer was eight, but is now nine, because he is receiving one, and the team erupts in celebration.

These videos are always great. Congratulations to all of the walk-ons that will earn scholarships for their hard work this season.