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Watch: Wisconsin's Graduation Day Features Students Going Crazy To 'Jump Around'

Graduating Wisconsin students went absolutely bonkers today as "Jump Around" played through the loud speakers at the ceremony.

Wisconsin held its graduation ceremony today for the class of 2017, and this particular ceremony wasn't your standard snooze-fest full of never-ending speeches filled with cliches.

Well, it probably did have those, but this ceremony at least featured an awesome moment for those graduating to, well, jump around.

Check it out:

I'm kinda jealous that didn't happen at my graduation ceremony, but whatever.

For those unfamiliar, "Jump Around" has been a staple at Wisconsin football games since the 1998 homecoming game against Purdue, when, after the Badgers held the Boilermakers scoreless in the third quarter, the sound guy piped the song through the speakers.

The crowd went nuts, and it's been a tradition ever since to play the song before the fourth quarter begins.

Here's Camp Randall Stadium going crazy during the Ohio State game last fall.


The tradition eventually became so popular that in 2003, when Wisconsin officials canceled the tradition due to structural concerns during the first home game, students protested by signing petitions and raising a fuss with the administration. Two days later, Wisconsin Chancellor John D. Wiley announced the "Jump Around" tradition would resume.

To sum it all up, Wisconsin fans just really, really, love "Jump Around."