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The 2017 Rose Bowl Game Set An ESPN Streaming Record

The 2017 Rose Bowl Game between USC and Penn State set several viewership records, especially among the streaming audience.

The Rose Bowl Game featuring USC and Penn State was one of the most exciting games of the college football season, and it was definitely the highlight of the New Year's Six games. In fact, of all the New Year's Six non-semifinal games, the USC - Penn State matchup was the most streamed ever.

Furthermore, the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania set a local record in viewership with a 16.7 rating—the highest ever for a bowl game on ESPN. The City of Brotherly Love must really love their Nittany Lions.

In total, streaming was up an astounding 80% when compared to last year's Rose Bowl Game—a 45-16 rout in which the Stanford Cardinal demolished the Iowa Hawkeyes.

This year's game was an instant classic, so the records it set will probably hold for some time.