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3 Star Running Backs Have Made A Dinner Bet

Three of the top running backs in college football have made a dinner bet.

Which of the following running backs will have the least amount of rushing yards during the 2017 college football season:

  • LSU's Derrius Guice
  • Ohio State's Mike Weber
  • Penn State's Saquon Barkley

These three star running backs have decided to make a bet on the upcoming season.

Whichever player rushes for the least amount of yards has to buy the others dinner.

Weber appeared to come up with the idea.

Unsurprisingly, some trash talk has already ensued. Barkley is extremely confident.

Weber thinks he's due for more carries and should have a big year.

And Guice, who played behind Leonard Fournette for most of 2016, could be the guy who ends up with the best season of the three.

Here were their stats last year:

  • Barkley: 272 carries, 1,496 yards
  • Guice: 183 carries, 1,387 yards
  • Weber: 182 carries, 1,096 yards

Who are you betting on? Or, really, not betting on?]