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5 Things You Didn't Know About Deion Sanders' Coaching Career

Jackson State head football coach Deion Sanders on the field.

MONTGOMERY, AL - MARCH 20: Head Coach Deion Sanders of the Jackson State Tigers before the game against the Alabama State Hornets at New ASU Stadium on March 20, 2021 in Montgomery, Alabama. Alabama State Hornets defeated the Jackson State Tigers 35 to 28. (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)

At this point, if you follow football, you're probably aware that Deion Sanders is coaching college football, as the head coach at Jackson State in Mississippi.

But how familiar are you with the specifics of Deion Sanders' head coaching career?

Here are five fun facts you might not be familiar with.

1. He began his coaching career at the high school level

Deion began his career as the head coach at Prime Prep Academy, which he founded. He was the school's head coach in 2012 and '13. 

The former NFL star was then the head coach at Triple A Academy for two seasons.

2. Sanders was a high school assistant coach before taking the Jackson State job

Sanders became the head coach at Jackson State in 2020, but prior to that, he actually served as an assistant coach at the high school level for three years.

The former Cowboys, 49ers and Falcons star was the offensive coordinator at Trinity Christian High School, which gave him the opportunity to coach his sons.

3. Sanders isn't very highly paid at Jackson State

While some of the country's top college football head coaches can make north of $10 million/year in total compensation, Sanders isn't even cracking seven figures.

Following the Nick Saban controversy, Sanders admitted he didn't even make seven figures.

4. Sanders has been linked to some prominent college football jobs, like TCU

While Sanders remains the head coach at Jackson State, he's been linked to some big-time jobs.

The former NFL star revealed that he's interviewed for three Power Five jobs.

Sanders did not admit which jobs he interviewed for, but according to multiple reports, TCU is one of them. It wouldn't be surprising to see Sanders leaving for an elite job at some point.

5. That elite job will not be in the NFL

While Sanders starred in the National Football League, he won't be coaching in it.

Sanders has said he has no desire to coach in the NFL.

"I don’t know about that one, my man," Sanders said of the NFL. "I don’t want to coach pros. I’m not a pro guy. I don’t have patience for rich guys with problems. I don’t have patience for rich guys that don’t want to stay rich and continue to earn a check."


Sanders and Jackson State will be back on the field this fall.