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A Knoxville Columnist Is Getting Crushed For What He Wrote About Tennessee Football

Tennessee shouldn't have to play Alabama because it's hard, says one Knoxville columnist.

In the last ten years, Tennessee has a 4-22 record against the SEC West. Ten of those losses came against the Alabama Crimson Tide. Those ten consecutive losses ave come by a combined score of 351-119.

John Adams, a reporter for the Knoxville News Sentinel, thinks it's time the Volunteers quit playing Alabama on a regular basis.

Here's what he had to say about the relationship.

The way Alabama is rolling under Saban, there’s no relief in sight for anyone in its way.

That’s why UT would be better off not having the Tide as a regular opponent. The SEC also would be better off from a competitive standpoint without permanent non-divisional rivals.

Playing Alabama obviously puts UT at a huge disadvantage in its division. Its scheduling disadvantage will be magnified this season and next.

As a member of the SEC East, Tennessee does not have to play Alabama every year, although the program does so willingly. Adams' argument here is that the Volunteers should avoid playing Alabama, especially because they do not have to. That would likely result in a two-game swing reflecting on Tennessee's record by the end of the season. A 7-5 season with a loss to Alabama, could turn into an 8-4 season with no Crimson Tide on the schedule.

It's an interesting thought, although we don't see Tennessee running from Alabama any time soon.

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