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A Major Controversy Is Developing In Japan's College Football League

A dirty hit in a japanese football game

A major controversy is developing in Japan's college football league as a result of an extremely dirty hit on a player during a game earlier this month.

Video of the hit went viral on social media. It shows a quarterback for Kwansei Gakuin University getting drilled from behind by a Nihon University.

The hit was completely unnecessary and resulted in an injury to the quarterback that reportedly required three weeks of treatment.

We have a new update on the status of everyone involved in the controversy. The other team's head coach has resigned and a police report has been filed.

A Kwansei Gakuin University quarterback who was injured by a vicious hit by a Nihon University player in an American football game has filed a complaint with Osaka prefectural police, alleging it constituted a criminal act, sources said May 21.

The quarterback and his father received an apology from Masato Uchida, head coach of the Nihon University team, on May 19 in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, where Kwansei is located.

However, the father expressed dissatisfaction, saying, “(Uchida) did not explain why the Nihon University player made a hit like that. He did not talk about whether he had issued such an order, either.”

Uchida said he will resign as the head coach. He apologized, saying, “All responsibility lies with me.”

You can view the full update here.