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A Top Recruit Says These 2 Major Schools "Pissed Him Off"

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It's not uncommon for a recruit to be a little upset with a couple of schools during his recruitment for one reason or another. It is uncommon for him to admit it publicly.

That's what happened with A.J. Abbott, a three-star wide receiver in the 2018 class committed to play for Wisconsin. He recently revealed that a couple of major Big Ten programs upset him during his recruitment.

Abbott did an interview with Land of 10. In it, he went into detail about why schools like Michigan State and Ohio State upset him. He also was upset with Syracuse.

From the interview:

Q: Which school disappointed you the most during recruiting? Maybe they said they were going to call you back and they didn’t?

Abbott: I got plenty of those. At a young age, Ohio State, I wanted to get on them. I liked them. They didn’t call me back. They didn’t answer anything. Michigan State pissed me off a lot because they weren’t offering, they weren’t recruiting really that hard. They didn’t offer until the end. So Michigan State, Ohio State and Syracuse. Syracuse pissed me off, too. I don’t like how they were recruiting.

Abbott admitted that Michigan State came in second place in his recruitment, but he felt the coaches at Wisconsin cared about him more.

Q: What school came in second? What could they have done a little better?

Abbott: Michigan State. They came in second. What they could’ve done … They had some problems over there with their team and with their coaches. It was a lot of issues over there with the team, so I don’t think getting into that would have been great. But I think the coaches over at Wisconsin cared about me a little more than Michigan State. I think they had my best interest better than Michigan State coaches did.

You can read his full Q&A here.