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A.J. McCarron Opening A Sushi Restaurant In Tuscaloosa Called "Ajian Sushi"

The former star Alabama quarterback is opening a restaurant in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

A new sushi restaurant courtesy of A.J. McCarron is coming to Tuscaloosa, Ala.

In early March, the former national champion quarterback announced on Twitter that he was going to open the restaurant.

On Sunday, Alabama's student newspaper, The Crimson White, published a story with details on the new venture.

After winning his second national championship in 2015, few doubted McCarron would ever forget his time in Tuscaloosa. Two years later, he’s still rolling with the Tide, but this time it’s in sushi style. Co-opening Tuscaloosa’s first ever “build-your-own” sushi bar, McCarron will leave a mark on more than the football field. “You walk into our fast-casual atmosphere and you’ll design your own roll every time,” said Pete Zimmer, co-owner and main operator of Ajian Sushi. “At the hit of a button we’ll have white or brown rice, and from there you’ll pick your proteins, vegetables, toppings and sauces for close to $8 a roll.” After spending 30 years in the restaurant business, Zimmer hopes to offer both the usual and unusual rolls one might expect from a classic sushi bistro. Ajian Sushi will maintain the traditional proteins like smoked salmon and spicy tuna, but will also provide options like the flamin’ hot Cheeto roll, peanut butter and jelly roll and the banana and Nutella roll for more daring customers.

There are some who aren't happy with the name.

The restaurant will be located at 1914 University Blvd in Tuscaloosa. It has a projected opening date of June 1.