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This Guy In Clemson Gear At Alabama's Spring Game Has Dedicated His Life To Trolling Crimson Tide Fans

Alabama's A-Day should be a fun event for Crimson Tide fans to turn the page on last season, but one guy in Clemson gear at the game won't let them.

Beat writer Chandler Rome from The Annistan Star posted a picture of the fan, decked out in his finest Clemson national championship swag. Even more impressive: he says he drove down from North Carolina for the occasion.

But wait...there may be more. Jerry Hinnen of The War Eagle Reader believes that this may be the same guy that wore Ohio State national championship gear to SEC media days to rub it in Alabama faces.

CollegeFootballTalk's Bryan Fischer also thinks it is a match.

We're not totally certain its the same guy, but with three sightings in three years wearing the gear of the team that handed Alabama its most notable loss, it certainly seems like it is him. Which is amazing. We're not sure there's another sport where a guy would travel thousands of miles to various events like this with the explicit goal of annoying another fan base.

Bravo, Alabama trolling man. You are the hero that every petty college football fan aspires to be.