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Analyst Names 10 Teams With "Realistic" National Title Chances

How many teams can win this year's national championship in college football? Technically, of course, that list is as long as the number of teams playing in the FBS.

Of course, most of those teams really have no chance. The list of the teams that can truly win it is very, very small.

You can probably count them on one or two hands.

247Sports' college football writer Brad Crawford thinks it would take two hands, exactly.

He's compiled a list of the teams with "realistic" national title chances. It's 10 teams long.

Those teams:

  • Penn State
  • Oklahoma
  • Auburn
  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Ohio State
  • Michigan
  • Wisconsin
  • Washington
  • Clemson

That sounds about right. Honestly, you could probably even cut it by a couple of teams. I might take Penn State and Wisconsin off. Both of them will be really good, but I have difficulty imagining them winning two playoff games.

You can view Crawford's full explanation for his picks here.