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Analyst Ranks College Football's 10 Hardest Schedules In 2018

Ranking the toughest college football schedules in the country is a popular offseason topic. We've published several SOS lists so far this year.

You can view some of them here.

Another college football analyst has gotten in on the discussion. Bleacher Report's David Kenyon has ranked his toughest schedules.

The competition level of the opposing teams isn't the only factor he's considered when making his rankings, too. He's also taken into account things like home vs. road, bye weeks, rest, etc.

"Beyond competition level, factors used to shape the list include road games, short weeks and tough matchups in consecutive weeks," he writes.

Without further ado, here they are. The 10 toughest schedules in college football in 2018.

College football's 10 toughest schedules in 2018

10. Louisville

Louisville's 2018 football schedule

9. Florida State

Florida State's 2018 football schedule

8. Texas A&M

Texas A&M's 2018 football schedule

7. Notre Dame

Notre Dame's 2018 football schedule


UCLA's 2018 football schedule

5. Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech's 2018 football schedule

4. LSU

LSU's 2018 football schedule

3. Michigan

Michigan's 2018 football schedule

2. Rutgers

Rutgers' 2018 football schedule

1. Nebraska

Nebraska's 2018 football schedule.