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AP Voter Who Ranked Michigan Ahead Of Ohio State Issues Update

J.T. Barrett scores a touchdown against Michigan.


The AP voter who ranked Michigan ahead of Ohio State has written a statement.

Tom Murphy, an AP Poll voter who writes for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, ranked Michigan ahead of Ohio State in the latest top 25. He was the only AP voter (there are 61) to do so.

The ranking was justified, in Murphy's mind, because of the perceived poor officiating that occurred in the double-overtime contest in Columbus.

"The Wolverines essentially outplayed their arch rival on the road and I don’t think the football reached the necessary 15-yard line on J.T. Barrett’s fourth-down run in double overtime. As that was the game-decided play, I appointed myself as the replay official and deemed Michigan the winner," he wrote.

Murphy has faced some serious criticism for his vote and issued the following statement today, admitting he made a mistake.

I have heard from many of you over the last 24 hours. I have looked and listened. As I cast my ballot for this week's Associated Press Top 25 poll, I had not seen all the available angles of Ohio State's fourth-down run in the second overtime. If I had, I would not have been as definitive in my view of the spot on J.T. Barrett's run.

My error was in not having a greater appreciation for the well-trained game officials who spotted the gain and confirmed the call on the field. For that I apologize and confirm that I respect the decision of those officials and the outcome of the game.

You can read his full letter here.