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A Major College Football Game Has Officially Been Canceled

photo of hurricane florence from tv

We've seen a number of big college football games, especially those in the Carolinas and Virginia, affected by Hurricane Florence this past weekend.

Among the games that was postponed was Appalachian State vs. Southern Miss, at App State's Kidd Brewer Stadium.

The game was set for a 3:30 p.m. kick-off on Sept. 15, but wound up being canceled due to the impending storm. After a few days, it is now clear that the game will not be made up.

From ESPN, on the decision to not reschedule Appalachian State vs. Southern Miss:

In a news release Tuesday, Appalachian State said the schools had discussed options to reschedule the home game originally set for last Saturday. Southern Miss athletics spokesman Jack Duggan confirmed the game wouldn't be rescheduled.

Appalachian State athletics spokesman Bret Strelow said the plan for now is for the Mountaineers to stay at 11 regular-season games instead of seeking a replacement 12th game.

Interestingly, there seemed like a natural solution to make this game up.

Both teams have their bye week on Oct. 6. However, instead of playing the game then and each team having 10 straight regular season games to end the year, the game won't be made up.

Appalachian State looks set to roll with 11 games. Southern Miss' situation seems less sure, based on the report.

The Mountaineers host Gardner-Webb next week. Southern Miss hosts Rice. Both teams are 1-1 on the season.