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Ask Siri This Question and It'll Give You A Weird College Football Answer

Have some fun with Siri today.

Michael Jordan retired from basketball twice, first in 1995 to pursue his baseball career and for good in 2003.

If you ask Siri about M.J.'s retirement, though, you'll get a different answer.

Pose the following question to Apple's computerized personal assistant.

"When did Michael Jordan retire?"

Here's what you'll get:

A screenshot of an Apple IPhone talking about Ohio State-Clemson

That's the box score from this past season's College Football Playoff Fiesta Bowl in which the Tigers dominated the Buckeyes on way to a national title game appearance (and victory).

Ohio State does have an offensive lineman named Michael Jordan and former Clemson star Deshaun Watson was compared to M.J. by his coach, Dabo Swinney, during the NFL Draft process.

Still, it's a weird answer. And we're not sure why it's happening.