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Athlon Sports Predicts Mark Dantonio Will Be Fired

As part of their "outrageous" predictions story.

Athlon Sports published five "outrageous" predictions for the upcoming Big Ten season. These predictions are meant to be a little crazy and almost unbelievable.

One of the predictions: a prominent coach will be fired.

Michigan State's Mark Dantonio will be out after the 2017 season, J.P. Scott predicts.

From Athlon:

Michigan State wins one game, and the Dantonio era comes to an end

That's right – one game. After opening the season with a win against Bowling Green, I don't see another team on Sparty's schedule that doesn't have more talent until you get to Rutgers. And by the time that game comes around, the young Scarlet Knights will be an improved team excited for the future. The Spartans will be broken, having fallen from the top of the Big Ten mountain to the very bottom of the Power 5 ranks in only two seasons. Dantonio will be let go, and the Michigan State administration will be tasked with hiring a coach with both the ability and the desire to rebuild a program in the same state and division as Jim Harbaugh. That's going to be a tough sell.

Dantonio is believed by some to be on the hot seat heading into the fall, coming off a bad 2016 and with the program dealing with off-the-field issues.

It'd be a stunner to see him go, though.