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Athlon Sports Projects Win Totals For The Big Ten Conference

Here's how every Big Ten team will do this season.

Athlon Sports released win total predictions for every Division I team. That's 130 predictions in all.

The publication picked win totals for all 14 Big Ten teams. You can see them below.

Note: this does not include any post-season games, simply regular season wins.

  • Ohio State: 12 wins
  • Penn State 10 wins
  • Michigan 10 wins
  • Wisconsin 10 wins
  • Northwestern 8 wins
  • Indiana 7 wins
  • Nebraska 7 wins
  • Iowa 7 wins
  • Michigan State 6 wins
  • Maryland 6 wins
  • Minnesota 6 wins
  • Rutgers 3 wins
  • Purdue 3 wins
  • Illinois 2 wins

So for those keeping score at home, that's a 12-0 regular season for the Buckeyes, 11 teams reaching bowl eligibility and Illinois finishing last in the conference.

You can view all of Athlon's predictions here.