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Baker Mayfield Posts Heartfelt Message For His Fiancee

baker mayfield and his fiancee emily wilkinson at the beach

Baker Mayfield is in the middle of his rookie season with the Cleveland Browns. He has yet to make his season debut, but odds are, he will be starting at some point during the year.

When Mayfield does make his first appearance, his fiancee Emily Wilkinson will be cheering him on. Wilkinson and Mayfield have been together for a while, and they aren't shy about showing affection on social media.

Mayfield posted a heartfelt message to his fiancee on Instagram last night.

"Without those heels she’s about 5’6”.... On a good day. But that’s completely irrelevant, I just wanted to post this picture of us. Love this girl and doing life with her," Mayfield wrote in the caption.

In case you were wondering, Wilkinson had here own post for Mayfield on her personal Instagram today. "Is it Sunday yet? #DawgPound #6," she wrote.

Mayfield and Wilkinson seem to have a pretty strong relationship going. This has to be a pretty exciting time for both of them.