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An NFL Team Reportedly Hired A Private Investigator To Tail Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield during the NFL Combine.

According to a report, an NFL team hired a private investigator to tail Baker Mayfield during his off hours.

Former Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield is one of the most interesting prospects in this year's NFL Draft. The Heisman Trophy winner, while undersized, is a clear stud on the field. But some of his off-the-field antics - like his arrest last offseason - scare teams a little bit.

As a result, it looks like one NFL team has hired a private investigator to keep an eye on Mayfield when he's not playing football. A report from Sports Illustrated's Robert Klemko suggests that one team is very interested in what Mayfield does with his off time.

Clearly, the team doing this must be trying to figure out if they want to draft him in April.

Mayfield reportedly was told that he had a "tail" in Norman, Oklahoma during the time he was back on campus for his Pro Day. Via SI:

Later on Tuesday, Mayfield received an alert from a trusted source that he had a tail in Norman. A private investigator, he was told, was tracking his movements on behalf of a team. The MMQB was unable to verify the identity of that team, but it should come as no surprise that any NFL franchise considering a (minimum) four-year commitment and tens of millions of dollars to a 22-year-old might like to know how he spends nights near his old stomping grounds.

One big question - is this normal? Or is Mayfield getting a different kind of treatment?

Mayfield, as noted, won the Heisman Trophy this past year - leading Oklahoma to the College Football Playoff in the process. He's expected to be one of the first signal-callers taken this April - but it's unclear just how high he'll be drafted.