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Baker Mayfield Trolls Texas After Win, Says He Won Golden Hat To Be "Cowboy" For His Girlfriend

Baker Mayfield just pulled an all-time troll job.

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield led his team to a rivalry win over Texas on Saturday afternoon, and he made sure to let Sooners fans know about it - as he paraded around the field with Oklahoma's flag after the victory. But it doesn't look he was done boasting then and there.

Mayfield took to Instagram Saturday night with one of the best troll jobs we've seen in a long time. The photo features Mayfield wearing the Golden Hat rivalry trophy on his head while he gives the "Horns Down" symbol to Longhorns fans. In the caption, he says he won the hat because his girlfriend, Morgan Mayberry, wants him to be a "cowboy." Hilarious.

Yup, it's good to be Baker Mayfield right now. Oklahoma's next contest comes against Kansas State next Saturday.