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Baker Mayfield's New 'Heisman House' Commercial Is Going Viral

Baker Mayfield in a Nissan commercial.

Earlier this month, Nissan debuted a new commercial welcoming Baker Mayfield to the "Heisman House" - a lair for the past Heisman Trophy winners. Mayfield's starts off with former Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota making a sandwich.

The former Oklahoma quarterback then steps in and plants an OU flag into the sandwich, claiming it for himself. It's a play on Mayfield's planting of the Oklahoma flag at Ohio Stadium after the Sooners' win over Ohio State last year.

That commercial made waves, but Nissan has debuted a new commercial with Mayfield. And this one might be even better.

This commercial features Tim Tebow entering the Heisman House with a small amount of "baggage." Meanwhile, Baker Mayfield shows up with his "baggage" and hilarity ensues.

Check it out.

Mayfield clearly has no problem being able to laugh at himself during these shoots.

The former Oklahoma star is still waiting to make his first NFL start. Tyrod Taylor is the Browns' starter for now. We'll have to wait and see if Mayfield plays during his rookie season.