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Baker Mayfield's Recent Activity On Twitter Is Causing A Stir

Baker Mayfield speaks at press conference.

Baker Mayfield is making headlines again.

Baker Mayfield can't do anything without a few eyeballs taking note. That was the case once again on Friday afternoon.

But before we get there, we'll through it back to just last night. Mayfield commented on an Instagram Live video by former Sooners wideout Kenny Stills.

He wrote: "#GetMeToMiami." Mayfield's comment caused everyone in the country to wonder if he really only wants to play for the Dolphins.

Later Thursday night Mayfield issued a statement saying he would play for any NFL and was just having fun with a former Oklahoma player. Just a few hours later, his activity on Twitter would catch some eyes as well.

We're all wondering who will be the top quarterback selected in the draft. Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, and Josh Allen are the favorites, but are they the best quarterbacks in the draft?

Baker Mayfield and former Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph don't think so. According to a post from Oklahoma State's SB Nation page, Rudolph believes he is the draft's best quarterback.

Baker Mayfield retweeted the post. When Mayfield retweets or likes posts like this, it's used as motivation.

Baker Mayfield tweeting about Miami.

It's not like Mayfield needed any extra motivation. The reigning Heisman Trophy-winner shot up drafts boards with a stellar 2017 season, but still isn't considered the top quarterback in the draft.

Can Baker Mayfield avoid becoming the next Johnny Manziel?