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Many Calling For Death Penalty For Baylor After Friday's Filed Lawsuit

Many in the college football world are wondering if Baylor's football program deserves the death penalty after Friday's allegations.

Friday, The Dallas Morning News reported that a new lawsuit against Baylor University, brought by a former student who claims she was gang-raped by two football players, alleges that 52 rapes were committed by 31 players over a four-year period. If the allegations are true, it's safe to say that Baylor's sexual assault issues are far worse than anyone could have ever imagined.

Many in the industry are now calling for Baylor's football program to be shut down - one way or another. Some want Baylor to voluntarily close its football program. Some want the NCAA to step in and give the program the death penalty.

The death penalty, which is the shutting down of a program for at least a year, is the harshest penalty the NCAA can institute. SMU is the only football program to ever receive the penalty - back in 1987.

It's unclear whether the NCAA will respond to the latest allegations.