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"Because He's Not Black" - ESPN's Robert Flores Bashed 'First Take' On SportsCenter

Robert Flores trashes First Take on SportsCenter.

robert flores trashes first take espn

A few weeks back, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton received a great deal of criticism after dancing in the end zone following a touchdown run against the Tennessee Titans. It eventually became a national debate - one that ESPN's First Take, among other programs, spent a great deal of time covering. 

Monday, ESPN's Robert Flores, while showing a highlight clip that involved Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce dancing wildly in celebration, took a shot at his employer (and others) regarding what he clearly sees as a double standard. Flores claims that Kelce isn't getting any criticism "because he's not black."

Check it out:


— Dab Newton (@CainMcCoy)

U da realest

— Yung Egg Nog (@CainMcCoy) November 30, 2015

">November 30, 2015

Flores may be right - and it's a refreshing take. But you'd imagine that he's going to be suspended for speaking out against his own network. We'll see if there is any fallout.