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If The Big 12 Did Split Up, Here’s Where We’d See Each Team Landing

The Big 12 decided to stand pat at 10 schools on Monday afternoon. Is the conference set up for long-term survival?

Monday, it was announced that the Big 12, after a Board of Directors meeting, would not be expanding past its current 10-team roster. While most in the industry agree with the league's decision given the lack of solid options, it's also starting to look like the conference might not be set up very well for long-term survival.

The Big 12's grant of rights is set to expire in 2024-2025, and it doesn't look like that's going to change. 

It's certainly possible that between now and then, a number of teams in the league at least explore the possibility of leaving.

If the Big 12 did split up, it'd likely be because one of its two lynchpins - Oklahoma or Texas - announced it was leaving. Here's what we think would happen, in that scenario: