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Report: The Big 12 Has Decided Not To Expand

The Big 12 will not expand past its current 10-team roster, according to a report by Chip Brown of Horns Digest.

Monday, the Big 12 Board of Directors met to make a final decision regarding whether the conference will expand past its current 10-school makeup. According to a report by Chip Brown of Horns Digest, the league will stand pat. Brown says no new members were added to the conference.

Earlier in the day, a Snapchat photo that depicted both the Big 12 logo and Cincinnati's logo on some sort of backdrop started going viral. But it doesn't look like the Bearcats will be on the move.

Fans of Cincinnati, Houston, BYU and dozens of other schools will likely be disappointed with the decision. Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel is also reporting the news. He added that the league is still discussing its television deals with ESPN and FOX.

The league is still scheduled to hold a press conference at 5:30 p.m. CT.