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Big Ten Makes History In Most Recent AP Poll

SportsCenter's graphic for the top 10 teams in the AP poll.

The Big Ten made some history in Monday's AP Poll.

This week's AP Poll was released a day late because of games being moved due to Hurricane Matthew. But all that means is that the Big Ten made history a day later than originally planned.

This week, there are four Big Ten teams ranked in the top ten. According to ESPN, it's the first time that's been the case since all the way back in 1960.

Ohio State is No. 2, Michigan is No. 4, Wisconsin is No. 8 and Nebraska is No. 10.

How did it happen? Losses by Houston and Miami set it all up.

Wisconsin and Ohio State take each other on this weekend, so it's likely to be a short-lived feat. But the conference is certainly moving in the right direction.