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Bill Snyder Is Getting Crushed For His Quote On Transfers

The Kansas State coach is getting criticized.

A Kansas State football player is fighting Bill Snyder and the Wildcats' program for not letting him out of his scholarship.

Wide receiver Corey Sutton isn't being let out of his scholarship and KSU is blocking his transfer destinations.


“When I originally told Coach Snyder I was going to transfer he said, ‘Well, Corey, I feel bad that you want to leave, but I can’t make you stay,’” Sutton said. “I dropped all my classes, moved out of Kansas and started looking at my options, then I find out they are denying me my release.

“Coach Snyder told me today that when I signed my letter of intent that was my commitment to him, that I was going to be there for four years. I heard that and told him, ‘Coaches can leave. So why can’t a player leave? You made a commitment to me that you were going to treat me the right way and that’s not what you’re doing.’”

Snyder made some controversial remarks.

“It’s my commitment that once we have signed the youngster that we’re committed to him as long as he behaves himself,” Snyder said. “I accept a youngster that comes into our program as making a similar commitment with a handshake and obviously a signed piece of paper.

“I’ve always said a youngster is free to leave, but I’m not going to release the youngster. It doesn’t mean that he can’t go someplace else and play. He can certainly do that. He wouldn’t be on athletic scholarship for a year’s period of time but could still go and play and then have a scholarship after that.

“That’s a choice they have to make. I’ve told (Sutton) and have told him all along, we’d love for him to stay in the program.”

That is not going to sit well with people. Just let him go, Kansas State.