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Bob Stoops Is Blocking Fans On Twitter Who Tweet At Him About Joe Mixon

Oklahoma football head coach Bob Stoops is blocking fans on Twitter coming after him about Joe Mixon.

On July 25, 2014, Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon punched a fellow student, Amelia Molitor, in the face. She was hospitalized with several broken bones, and required surgery. In the spring of 2015, Mixon was reinstated to the football team.

Today, video of Mixon's brutal assault on Molitor was released to the public, and it has people asking: How is Joe Mixon still on the team?

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops is now blocking people on Twitter who dare ask the question.

He's blocked many, with apparently with very little discretion:

Even if the question is valid, you will be blocked:

Mixon served a year of probation, served 100 hours of community service and underwent counseling after the incident.

Both Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops and athletic director Joe Castiglione saw the video before deciding the punishment.