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Ohio State's Michael Jordan Says He "Almost" Hit Ben Boulware After Being Groped

Ben Boulware does something weird to Michael Jordan.

Ohio State lineman Michael Jordan didn't appreciate Ben Boulware's gesture last Saturday night.

In the past week, two different videos from the Fiesta Bowl - both showing Clemson players touching Ohio State players inappropriately - have gone viral. The first featured Christian Wilkins sticking his hand in a not-so-fun place of Curtis Samuel's body. The second, which came out Thursday, shows Ben Boulware dong something very similar to Michael Jordan.

Thursday, Jordan responded to the video on Twitter. He said he had to stop himself from hitting Boulware in the aftermath:

Jordan most likely would have been flagged if he'd responded - so it's smart that he didn't.

The big debate this week? Is this okay? Or should Clemson's players keep whatever is acceptable in their locker room off the field when taking on opponents?