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Brett McMurphy Responds To Idea That Ohio State Might Believe Courtney Smith Is Lying

Brett McMurphy speaking back when he worked at ESPN.

After watching Ohio State's press conference on Wednesday night, it's fair to wonder if Urban Meyer, Gene Smith and the school's board of trustees actually believe that Courtney Smith, the ex-wife of former wide receivers coach Zach Smith, was a victim of domestic violence. There was no mention of Courtney Smith's name until a member of the media asked Meyer what "message" he'd have for her in the aftermath of the investigation.

Thursday, Stadium's Brett McMurphy, the man who broke the original report that served as a catalyst for the entire investigation, joined Rich Eisen on his radio show to discuss Ohio State's decision. He weighed in on the concept of Ohio State not believing Courtney Smith.

Eisen: Based on the report, it says flat-out that Shelley and Urban Meyer did not believe Courtney Smith, even in the 2009 incident. Reading between the lines, the folks at Ohio State did not believe Courtney Smith to be credible based on what either Zach was saying or whatever else they knew was going on behind the scenes. What does Courtney Smith say about it? Have you connected with her at all since this announcement took place?

McMurphy: I have talked to her, not sure when she'll put out a statement on this. Again, the reason why they don't find her credible is because - I'll play along with you - if what she said is accurate, which, I have no reason to believe it wasn't, then that means Urban Meyer's job is in danger, that means every assistant coach on that staff's job is in danger.

So they can do one of two things. They can admit (they) find Courtney credible or they can try to tear her down and dispute everything she says and not believe her. That way they're still employed and making all this money.

So that's the easiest route to go. Courtney told me early on when I was talking to her that in 2015, when the domestic violence incidents occurred, that a couple of wives of the assistant coaches that she had been in constant contact with basically said "I cannot talk to you anymore. I am now allowed to talk to you anymore."

Because their husbands realized that if this went down, then they could all get swept up into it and Urban could be gone and then they're gone out on the street. Again, they have a reason to dispute or try to discredit her because - she's not threatening them - but her information could ultimately make them lose their jobs. So that's why they tried to attack her credibility.

You can listen below:

Wednesday, Ohio State levied a three-game suspension against Meyer and also suspended athletic direction Gene Smith. Meyer will miss his team's games against Oregon State, Rutgers and TCU.