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Brett McMurphy Criticized Ohio State Fans For Leaving OU Game Early

He called out Buckeye fans.

On Saturday night, Ohio State suffered its first loss of the season at the hands of the Oklahoma Sooners.

After the game, Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield planted the Sooners' flag in the middle of Ohio Stadium. Mayfield later apologized for the move, but one college football insider doesn't think the apology was necessary.

In a Facebook post, Brett McMurphy said Mayfield didn't need to apologize, but that Ohio State fans did.

On Monday, Mayfield said all the right things: he didn’t intend to disrespect Ohio State, it was an emotional game, he should have waited until he was in the locker room, yada, yada, yada. Bottom line: he shouldn’t have been forced to apologize.

Actually, you know who should apologize? The fickle Ohio State fans who fled Ohio Stadium with about 11 minutes remaining giving up on the their Buckeyes, who only trailed 24-13.

O-H-I-O? O-H-I-where did you all go?

We're sure Ohio State fans will take his comments in stride. It's a strong statement from McMurphy, who has become more opinionated with his pieces since his departure from ESPN.

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